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Full Year Evaluations

2023 - 2024 Full Year Registration 

Please take a moment to thoroughly read to view the information below and in our 2023-2024 Information Packet before signing up for tryouts. 

Information Packet

Sign Up For Evaluations

Evaluation Information


July 15, 2023



1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ages 4 - 18 Welcomed





  • Athletes must sign up for evaluations. 

  • Evaluations will be held at The Glitz Factory 2958 Kaverton Rd, District Heights, MD 20747

  • Attire is ALL BLACK! A black sports bra, tank, or t-shirt with black compression/biker shorts, or leggings. Cheer shoes or light weight athletic shoes. No Crocs, Jordans, or Converse. Hair should be out of the athlete's face and into a ponytail. Cheer bow is optional. 

  • Evaluation & Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • The “assessment” aspect of evaluation will be closed to spectators. 

  • Evaluations will be based on skills assessment. We will evaluate athletes throughout the learning process and make initial placements based on what we see at evaluation and what we know of athletes’ prior cheer experience. Initial tryout placement is not final. Movement may take place throughout the year at the discretion of the coaches and Directors.

  • If you cannot make it on the prescribed evaluation day, please contact for an alternative date.


Athletes will be initially placed based on their age and skill level. The staff takes into consideration all aspects of an athlete's readiness including tumbling, stunting ability, choreography readiness, as well as the well being of the athlete as a whole. We do take the entire summer to fine tune our teams if any adjustments need to be made or if an athlete shows more readiness than they showed at evaluations.



The level of each team will be determined by the Directors and coaching staff. The factors we consider are current skills, confidence, success of the team, and overall program needs. We will not place athletes on a level just because they can demonstrate a basic level skill requirement. Athletes should work to gain multiple elite skills to move up in level. 


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